There’s No Hassle at Bonnycastle

Bonnycastle Appliance & TV – a Celebrated Louisville Establishment


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Since 1918, Bonnycastle Appliance & TV has assisted homeowners, builders, remodelers and other industry leaders with friendly customer service and a knowledgeable staff. Now in its 101st year, Bonnycastle continues those founding principles with state-of-the-art machinery.

“We have a good establishment. We’ve been around a long time — that means a lot to me, our customer base and our community,” owner Larry Link said. “We must be doing something right because we’re still in business.” In the heart of the home, Bonnycastle equips all kitchen appliances — the newest and highest-tier refrigerators, ranges and cooktops, and other cooking essentials. And if the kitchen is the heart, the patio may be its left ventricle — Bonnycastle stocks supplies for outdoor kitchens, too. For all the essential parts of the home like laundry rooms and entertainment areas, Bonnycastle has the washers and dryers and home theaters to furnish them with.

Link bought the company in 1985 and has been an active member of the BIA for more than 21 years. “I joined the association because I felt like I needed to expand our business and get to builders and remodelers,” he said. “We thought we could expand our horizons by joining, going to meetings, and I sponsor a lot of things.” Bonnycastle’s sponsoring of large events like Homearama, the Tour of Remodeled Homes, and the Tour of New Homes has led to Link fostering meaningful and long-term relationships with builders and remodelers throughout the Louisville area and beyond the metro. The origin of these relationships came simultaneously with the decision to sponsor because it served Link’s need for stable and routine communication with his accounts, while offering the BIA a reliable vendor. “I want something consistent, and I want something that’s going to help grow the business, get our message out, give us a lot of exposure at the BIA, but also something in the community with our association,” Link explained.

From groundbreakings to real estate listings, builders, remodelers and contractors have a lot to juggle. With code enforcements, permits, inspections, and other obstacles, end dates can sneak up on them. That’s where Bonnycastle’s customer service steps in. “We’re with them to the end. They depend on us. If they want something run out there for whatever reason, we run it out there, generally within the hour or two,” Link said. “They’re on a deadline, so to speak, so we’re there to help. I consider our service lightyears above anybody else in this town.”

Bonnycastle and its staff of six full-time salespeople are there to answer any questions for customers and clients. They perform service calls, they’re up to date on the newest
developments and appliances, and they maintain relationships with their customer base. The company is the oldest dealer in the state of Kentucky, and it’s one of the oldest appliance dealers in the country. In order to keep those credentials and stay atop the market in growth, Link’s strategy is simple: “I constantly ask my salespeople two things: ‘What are we doing that nobody else is doing?’ and ‘Why should anybody buy from us?’ If they can ask themselves those two questions, they’ll be successful, and our company will be successful.” Ultimately, when a custom builder or remodeler approaches Bonnycastle with their plans, the company prides itself in knowing exactly how to handle it. “We understand each other, we know what the customer wants, and we feel like we provide every detail that makes the project look like that magazine picture they came in with,” Link said.

At the end of the day, Bonnycastle has survived — and thrived — when many local and corporate competitors have failed. Its reputation over the years as a high-end and custom appliance dealer, combined with its relationship with the BIA, has helped solidify its impression in the Louisville market. As custom builders and remodelers are familiar with, sometimes a customer walks in prepared with measurements, model numbers and decisions that have already been made, while others examine each option and feature with careful planning. Bonnycastle is prepared to help the customer and builder navigate the buying process. “We know what we need to display. We know what the demand is, and we meet that demand, we like to think,” Link explained. “We’re doing something right. We have the right personnel, and we answer questions and are taking care of our customers.”

Whether a customer or client needs help in the form of service calls or house calls, the company remains true to the values on which it was founded: offering seamless, informative and easy transitions from floor to ceiling. “There’s no hassle at Bonnycastle, and we stand behind that slogan every day. It’s who we are.”

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