Harbor House: Empowering Adults with Disabilities

BIA Members, Immediate Past President Reveal Second Respite House Remodel Originally published in the Louisville Builder. December marked the official opening of the Wirtzberger Respite House, the second of its kind for Harbor House of Louisville, though BIA Immediate Past President Don Wirtzberger said he could’ve done without the namesake. Citing his business partner at […]

Toxic Behavior in Remote Work: How Employers Can Be Proactive in the Age of Virtual Bullying

Originally published in the Winter 2020 edition of The Oilcan. Working from home should have liberated employees from bullying and harassment, but evidence points toward toxic workplace behaviors having moved to the internet. More than 44 percent of Americans say they’ve experienced online harassment, meaning that if you’re an employer, chances are you have people […]

Put the Phone Down

Facts, Strategies and Public Outreach for a Hands-Free Indiana For the full published article, click here. If someone asked you to close your eyes and count to five while you were driving on a highway, would you do it? It’s not a risk many drivers would take, and yet millions of people behind the wheel […]

Crystal Clear

Improving Transparency in Your C-Store See the full published article with artwork here.   In today’s America, Super Bowl scores are available in real time, groceries can be delivered at the touch of a button, the 24-hour news cycle truly never sleeps and information on just about every product on the market is available through […]

Glasstream Powerboats: Custom Luxury from Bow to Stern

Click here for the full, published article. Thirty-nine years ago, Glasstream Powerboats first ignited its path to success in the boating industry. The company has the unique ability to serve several different markets, from families eager to spend a summer on the water, to fishermen hungry for the catch of the day, and even to […]

Pros and Cons of Customer Rewards Programs

For the full, published article, click here. In today’s consumer climate, competition for customer attention is heated. With so many options from which to choose, customers are looking for benefits beyond convenience or price to entice them to buy at certain establishments. Consumer-focused businesses are increasingly relying on loyalty programs to stand out from the […]

Logan Lavelle Hunt – Reflecting on 25 Years with the BIA

For the published article, click here.   Louisville’s rich history, among many other things, boasts longstanding traditions, fostering community and support. In its 100th year, Logan Lavelle Hunt solidifies its place as a business landmark. The message is clear from the first sentence on the company website — “Our philosophy is simple: Take time to […]

Membership Is What You Make It

Maximize the Value of IFFA   For the complete published article, click here.   Industry leaders nationwide, from health care professionals, veterinarians and physical therapists, to architects, electric providers and of course, petroleum marketers and c-store retailers, establish organizations and associations to keep professionals connected and informed. One of the mantras across all platforms has […]