SPIKE Club Highlights Value of Membership

For the completed, published article, click here. For business owners — specifically small-business owners — membership in any given association is an investment. But the BIA of Greater Louisville works beyond the monetary value. Its committees serve to remind its members of all the benefits they have available to them, including group insurance rates (workman’s […]

Polycryl Develops Innovative Polyester Primer-Surfacer

EarthGuard Easy Sand Brings Speed and Efficiency to Tooling Composites Hi! You can read my full article, complete with images here! Improving upon a key market material is not always a project every company is willing to face. It takes planning, research and development, and resources small businesses don’t necessarily have on hand. But when […]

Victoria the Conqueror

<not published, just for fun> I once met a flower who grew tall and proud. She was a vibrant fuchsia, unlike any hue I had ever seen, with yellow stigmas nuzzled cozily in her belly. She was strong and confident and radiant. “I want to grow up to be like that Redbud tree over there,” she’d said. […]


<not published, just for fun> happiness is a raised brow, ears back, and a wagging tail. it’s dirty paws, outstretched limbs, and the rustle of the leaves beneath my feet. it’s the liberation of an unleashed hike through the woods, an uphill climb; tired, excited breaths. it’s chasing after squirrels and a pause to drink […]

Finding Furever

Photo Courtesy: Wes Becker Wes and Candace Becker wanted another dog, but had no idea it would be happening so soon. Candace volunteers at Louisville-based animal rescue Pit Bulls of St. Francis (PBSF), when she happened to click the right place at the right time. PBSF Founder Sarah Daniel often posts to the organization’s Facebook […]