Preparing for the Certified Association Executive Program

You can view the full article published for the Tennessee Society of Association Executive’s magazine, TNSAE Connect here. Association executives eager to take the next step in their professional careers can do so with admittance in the Certified Association Executive Program (CAE). The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) founded the program in 1960, which […]

Victoria the Conqueror

<not published, just for fun> I once met a flower who grew tall and proud. She was a vibrant fuchsia, unlike any hue I had ever seen, with yellow stigmas nuzzled cozily in her belly. She was strong and confident and radiant. “I want to grow up to be like that Redbud tree over there,” she’d said. […]


<not published, just for fun> happiness is a raised brow, ears back, and a wagging tail. it’s dirty paws, outstretched limbs, and the rustle of the leaves beneath my feet. it’s the liberation of an unleashed hike through the woods, an uphill climb; tired, excited breaths. it’s chasing after squirrels and a pause to drink […]

Finding Furever

Photo Courtesy: Wes Becker Wes and Candace Becker wanted another dog, but had no idea it would be happening so soon. Candace volunteers at Louisville-based animal rescue Pit Bulls of St. Francis (PBSF), when she happened to click the right place at the right time. PBSF Founder Sarah Daniel often posts to the organization’s Facebook […]

The Lotus & The Lost

A Padma, or Lotus Flower, blooms while rooted in the mud. I think about that fact almost daily, and everyone else should, too. Right after college, my life changed forever in more ways than one. I had the privilege to care for my grandmother, who had cared for me and had lived with me my […]

[2012] New York Times College Sports Blog

The View from Kentucky: 14 Years of Waiting Now that the painfully embarrassing nationwide coverage of Lexington’s State Street riots has almost expired, fans are beginning to focus on basketball again. The Kansas-Kentucky rivalry is one filled with history, not only for the two programs, which have combined for 10 national championships, but for the […]

Silver linings after that This Is Us big reveal

You can read the original article with video attached, here. After #Super Bowl LII, #This Is Us fans waited patiently for the reveal they’ve been waiting for throughout the entire series. We finally know what happened to Jack Pearson [VIDEO], but at what cost? It’s important to note this definitely won’t be the last we see of Jack. There are so many […]