Proactive Steps when Opening a New Location

For the full, published article with artwork, click here! If your business is tallying healthy growth and is profitable enough to consider expansion, you’ve already reached an incredible milestone and understandably want to increase your potential for success. Congratulations on taking that next step! But just as with opening your first location — or locations […]

The State of Oldham County

Builders, County Officials, Weigh in on Future of Development To see the completed article as published, click here.   Great neighborhoods, award-winning schools, a robust history, a beautiful park system, small-town charm, all in a convenient location — homebuyers want it, and Oldham County has it. Cross over from the congestion of Jefferson County, from […]

Recycling Programs Taking Hits in Kentucky

Communication to Constituents is Key See the article as published in Kentucky City here. For decades, recycling has been a commodity used by households and businesses to reduce waste and remain environmentally conscious, but programs are collapsing nationwide. Many contributing factors come into play as U.S. cities stop recycling partially or, in some parts of the […]

Exploring the Pitfalls of Home Remodeling

Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Strategies and Choosing the Correct Contractor Published article can be found here. As a homeowner, making the decision to remodel a home is a loaded endeavor in and of itself. And after spending the time developing the project, outlining the budget and meeting with contractors, some may feel eager to […]

No Vacancy: Addressing the Truck Parking Crisis

Drivers, State and National Organizations Weigh in on Truck Parking Crisis You can find the published article, complete with artwork, here. Finding truck parking is a major concern for drivers nationwide. The widespread problem is nothing new — Jason’s Law was passed in 2012, and drivers have increasingly been forced to pull over whenever and […]

The Future of South Floyds Fork

Below is copy text from the article. You can view the full article with artwork here.   Picture this: It’s a Sunday morning. Today, you’re attending a birthday party for your grandchild. Your child and their spouse have moved into their new home after a long and tried home search in Jefferson County. For years, […]

Cummins Inc. Reflects on 100 Years of Innovation

Fortune 150 Company Looks Forward to Next Century   To view the full article with page layout and graphics in Crossroads Quarterly, click here!   Picture the year 1919. In Boston, the American Meteorological Society was formed, organizing the methods for forecasts that help us plan our days today. The United States Congress established most […]

SPIKE Club Highlights Value of Membership

For the completed, published article, click here. For business owners — specifically small-business owners — membership in any given association is an investment. But the BIA of Greater Louisville works beyond the monetary value. Its committees serve to remind its members of all the benefits they have available to them, including group insurance rates (workman’s […]

Polycryl Develops Innovative Polyester Primer-Surfacer

EarthGuard Easy Sand Brings Speed and Efficiency to Tooling Composites Hi! You can read my full article, complete with images here! Improving upon a key market material is not always a project every company is willing to face. It takes planning, research and development, and resources small businesses don’t necessarily have on hand. But when […]