Logan Lavelle Hunt – Reflecting on 25 Years with the BIA

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Louisville’s rich history, among many other things, boasts longstanding traditions, fostering community and support. In its 100th year, Logan Lavelle Hunt solidifies its place as a business landmark.

The message is clear from the first sentence on the company website — “Our philosophy is simple: Take time to understand the needs of our clients, match those needs with reasonably priced coverage from financially secure insurance companies, and advocate for our clients in the event of a claim.” The insurance and wealth management firm headquartered in Derby City has been involved with the BIA for more than 25 years, working alongside the association to develop benefits packages and sponsor events, as well as chairing and participating in multiple committees for the organization.

At the start of this professional relationship, Stan Logan Jr., partner and president of Logan Lavelle Hunt, sought to launch a health insurance program for the Home Builders Association of Kentucky, which then branched off to the local BIA. It was a concept unheard of at the time within associations, but it quickly generated response and popularity as a model nationwide. “One of the reasons it took off so well is because the health insurance plans produce a nondues revenue for the association, so not only were these members being able to offer benefits to their employees, but they were also giving back to the association,” said Maryashly Betz, marketing and public relations director at Logan Lavelle Hunt.

Once the program was established, the firm produced more plans for the BIA, including the builders’ risk program, the 401(k) program, the workers’ compensation program, and the group insurance benefits program — which helps smaller businesses afford to offer benefits to their employees. “Being a member of the BIA allows you to join the large group plan we put on in the state of Kentucky, which lowers your cost and puts you in a bigger bracket, to where it’s almost like you have a 1,000-life company,” Betz explained. In terms of the benefits packages offered as a whole, she made clear that, “it kind of helps a lot of these business owners and the employees of the businesses rationalize their spending on their dues because of the savings they produce.”

The builders’ risk program works in two ways — giving back to the association and offering a quicker process for its members. “For most of our clients, a builders’ risk policy can take anywhere from a week to two weeks, but we have a relationship set up with Great American that allows us to process those builders’ risk policies within 48 hours because of preapproval you have as a member and being a registered builder.”

It’s safe to say the partnership is mutually beneficial. It’s almost as if the two organizations work in tandem.

In fact, Betz said Logan Lavelle Hunt considers the BIA and its other association partners as an arm of the firm. “We have four corners in our logo: There’s a blue corner, an orange, a green and a gray. If you start with the blue and go around to the green you have insurance, risk benefits, and our gray arrow is actually for associations, and our green arrow is for financial services. We went as far as to include it in our logo; that’s how much we see it as who we are at Logan Lavelle Hunt.”

In addition to providing support and benefits to the BIA, the team at Logan Lavelle Hunt is active on the Board, in several committees, and in attendance at nearly every event. “We just kind of act as an additional staff for the team — a resource to all of our members to help them understand the benefits that we offer to a member of the BIA of Greater Louisville, to help them take advantage of that, whether they’re a one-man shop or they are John Miranda at Pinnacle Properties,” Betz said.

And the value of Logan Lavelle Hunt’s involvement is not lost on the members. Community giveback, networking opportunities and the like-mindedness within the building industry were all cited as highlights of the association. “Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to donate your time or donate your money or give back to the community, so I think that the BIA does a really great job of helping us be a part of that,” Betz said. She explained that even though her team attends just about every event the BIA has to offer, they still manage to find new faces and new opportunities to network with new contacts — most recently at the membership mixer. “I like to learn from some of the older members and newer members alike and all the different stuff they’re seeing day to day in the industry and how we can help them.”

Above all, the firm seeks to understand and grow alongside the building industry to offer the most for its clients and the members of the BIA. “Although we’re insurance and wealth management, financial services, we still are involved in the same community and the same industry of construction and design and real estate, whether that’s residential or commercial, and just seeing how much the industry is growing and how much it has evolved throughout the years [is helpful],” Betz said. “Even in the last two-and-a-half years so much has changed, whether it’s laws that have been passed or changed, or whether events have changed. It’s just amazing to see how the association grows.”

Since its first meeting in 1946, the BIA has grown to more than 2,000 members, with well-established traditions of its own. Between golf scrambles, mixers and enormous community events like the Tour of Remodeled Homes and Homearama, it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite, but Betz narrowed it down. “Everyone’s favorite, or at least what I think is everyone’s favorite, is a hard split between the Christmas Party and Day at the Downs. It’s something we always talk about a lot in this office and who gets to go,” she said. “The company registers for a lot of tables, so a lot of people can go to that event because it’s one of our favorites.”

But it comes as no surprise to members that the beauty of the association is that even for nonmembers, and for community members in no way involved with the industry, there are still opportunities to attend BIA events. Betz has taken advantage of those, as well. “I have also gone to the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show, although it impacts us in a different way than some of the other members,” she recalled. “It’s enjoyable as a consumer to walk around and enjoy that show.”

It’s evident that Logan Lavelle Hunt takes time to understand the needs of its clients, and the firm wants members of the BIA to understand and learn the benefits they have available to them. Betz said some members are amazed by the small discounts awarded by being a member at a national level, and she noted that many local associations don’t have those perks and revenue generators available to them. Those perks, in turn, benefit the association as a whole. “We’re a friend in the game and an advocate for them in the industry. We want to make sure they’re protected and that we understand the risks that are facing them. We want them to know they have a member of the association that understands what they do on a day-to-day basis because they’ve been doing it for so long,” she explained. “We’re just here to support them.”

A century-old business, Logan Lavelle Hunt has established itself as a staple in the Louisville community. Along with the BIA, the firm partners with more than a dozen associations in the Louisville area, fine-tuning its practice of understanding the BIA’s needs and offering reasonably priced coverage, while ultimately fostering community and support. The faces of Logan Lavelle Hunt aren’t new ones at association events, so take time to learn how they support the industry.

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