<not published, just for fun>

hiking b

happiness is a raised brow, ears back, and a wagging tail.

it’s dirty paws, outstretched limbs, and the rustle of the leaves beneath my feet.

it’s the liberation of an unleashed hike through the woods, an uphill climb; tired, excited breaths.

it’s chasing after squirrels and a pause to drink from a calm stream.

it’s a careful step at the summit and a breathtaking view.

it’s a pat on the head, a scratch on the ear, a kiss on the cheek.

on the descent the fun begins again; a flurry of unfocused joy, a sparrow singing in a tree, wind rustling the fallen leaves downhill, knee-deep water to wade in (even though mom tells me not to).

happiness is riding copilot on the way home, catching the wind, and stepping into my familiar home.

it’s finding the perfect spot on the couch for a much deserved nap, and then it’s waking up with her fingers through my hair, a belly scratch, an “i love you forever.”


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