Finding Furever

Photo Courtesy: Wes Becker

Wes and Candace Becker wanted another dog, but had no idea it would be happening so soon. Candace volunteers at Louisville-based animal rescue Pit Bulls of St. Francis (PBSF), when she happened to click the right place at the right time.

PBSF Founder Sarah Daniel often posts to the organization’s Facebook page to market dogs up for adoption or those available to foster homes.

“[Daniel] posted about a dog at a shelter in Memphis, Tenn. who was pregnant, and if they couldn’t line up a foster family that day, they would put her down,” Wes Becker said. “[Candace] immediately offered to foster her.”

But it was easier said than done. The Beckers tell Kentucky Paw Print the shelter would release Jolene, a Pit Bull, but only after her litter was aborted and she was spayed.

“At first she was very reserved and lethargic, but she slowly grew into her personality. She is now active and energetic and most importantly very sweet,” Becker says.

When high-kill shelters pose the most extreme risks for dogs in need, that’s exactly when PBSF steps in.

“We are an all breed rescue that focuses primarily on helping dogs at high risk for euthanasia or exploitation,” says Daniel. “For obvious reasons, the majority of these dogs are pits or pit mixes.”

The organization conducts community events in schools, fairs, and in collaboration with other businesses to help educate the community about bully breeds.

Wes and Candace were first-time foster parents, and they say they reacted purely on instinct. They tell Paw Print because of the time it took for Jolene to get acclimated to their home and their first dog, Tuck, their original intent was to put her up for adoption once she had recovered. Their plans soon changed.

“We kept on putting off formally posting her for adoption because she was so cute, and within a few weeks Tuck and Jolene started getting along very well. We couldn’t give her up after that.”

It’s a sentiment not lost on the PBSF founder.

“Jojo was a love bug from day one, but it took time for her to realize she was safe and fully come out of her shell,” Daniel says. “Now, she is smiling in every picture the Beckers send to us – she is so, so happy!”

PBSF is hosting a joint trivia night with The Arrow Fund, a rescue and rehabilitation organization, on Friday, May 11, and an adoption event and fundraiser at Great Flood Brewery in Louisville’s Shelby Park neighborhood on Saturday, May 12.


You can find the original post at Kentucky Paw Print. 

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